‘Israel was created by the Rothschilds, not God,’ Labour member’s post reads

spectacular ! a labor party member, Andy Slack, shared one of our memes here at smoloko and now he is being suspended from the party and possibly even expelled. The fact that something like this makes the news and a man loses his job for merely criticizing Jews and Israel just proves everything we say here on smoloko – Jews have way too much power over our government and politics, they own the media and they will use their economic,political and media power to destroy you if you in anyway expose their global agenda to rule and enslave the world. 


report from the Jerusalem post
Website Guido Fawkes quotes a source in the LABOR Party as saying “it is the worst we have ever seen.”
A British labor party activist has posted an antisemitic meme on his Facebook page in the latest scandal to hit the party, which has been plagued by antisemitic incidents under the leader of Jeremy Corbyn.Cllr Slack's post

The Labour Party member in question, Andy Slack, a councillor from Chesterfield, shared a graphic featuring a hook-nosed IDF soldier with a bloody mouth and reading “Israel was created by the Rothschilds, not God.”The UK political website Guido Fawkes brought Slack’s September 30 post to light and it was subsequently deleted from his page.

“And what they are doing to the Palestinian people now is EXACTLY what they intend for the whole world,” the post adds.

The post originally appeared on antisemitic website It warns readers, “Today it is a Palestinian child, soon it will be your child.”

Fawkes quoted a source in the Labour Party as saying “it is the worst we have ever seen.”

Image result for councilor andy slack chesterfieldA number of Labour Party members have been suspended from the party in the past year for sharing antisemitic memes or making antisemitic statements. Corbyn commissioned a report on antisemitism in the party, which critics claimed white-washed the issue.

It was not immediately clear if Slack (pictured above) would be suspended for sharing the antisemitic post, however Labour has vowed to have a no tolerance policy for antisemitism.

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throw some support to andy here at his twitter  and let him know he has support 

update – it appears councilor slack has apologized – it’s unfortunate he did so, but yeah…the jew and his army of lackeys silenced the ‘bad goy’ into submission.

note – Councilor Slack said “I support Palestinians in occupied Gaza but am in no way opposed to Jewish people.”

Come on Councilor, take the gloves off ! don’t grovel to these christ killers ! What’s not to oppose about judaism ? ! Judaism is anti-mankind !


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