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As a builder of skyscrapers, surely, Donald Trump understands enough about construction and engineering to know that the official story about two planes pulverizing three buildings on 9/11is about as credible as Killary’s “pneumonia” or Obongo’s birth certificate. Heck, a mildly retarded 10-year-old who takes the times to watch the events closley could appreciate the impossibilty of what is alleged to have happened that day. You see, although retards (and we use that term with great affection for those pure souls) may be slow, they aren’t as easily corrupted by TV-induced ‘groupthink” as us “normal” people are.

What we find particularly gratifying and intriguing is the recent discovery of day-of-9/11 interview in which Trump openly expressed his disbelief that aluminum airplanes alone could have taken down the Twin Towers.

Have a look at the amazing Trump 9/11 video down below, and please share this page.

Trump on 9/11:

“I happen to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously because I just can’t imagine anything being able to go through the wall.”


Is it possible that events of that history-altering day have tormented Trump as it has the rest of us “truthers?” Were his frequent refernces to Muslims “seen dancing on 9/11” a crytpic refernece to the five “Dancing Israelis” who were the only suspects arrested on that day? Is it possible that a President Trump, as Professor Kevin Barrett first suggested, may turn the tables on the neo-con evil doers? Surely, President Putin of Russia, whose underlings have also dropped hints of 9/11 truth, would support him in such an effort.

If Trump is elevated and inaugurated (and the former does not necessarily guarantee the latter!), we won’t hold our breaths waiting for a new and honest re-investigation of the false-flag attacks. However, on the basis of what you are about to hear in the You Tube video posted below, it could happen. Trump, if he were to survive while pulling off a “bully pulpit” 9/11 truth campaign, would go down in history as a heroic American figure — succeeding where the great Joe McCarthy could not.

Speaking of the legendary Senator from Wisconsin who tried to smoke out the agents of the New World Order, Trump once referered to McCarthy’s right-hand man, Roy Cohen, as one of his “mentors.” Though Cohen was a Jewish homosexual who eventually died of AIDS in 1988, he hated the Reds and defended McCarthy until the very end. Just something to think about, and to hang some desperate final hope upon.

above – Young Roy Cohen assisted Joe McCarthy and never apologized for it. Cohen later became a good friend and confidante of Donald Trump.

Top Russian TV Anchor Warns That Trump Faces Imminent Assassination

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Dmitri Kiselyov, a prominent Russian journalist and TV anchor at the leading Russian channel Russia 1 has warned that Donald Trump is likely to be assassinated.

In his prime time news program, News of the Week, on the state-owned network, Kiselyov gave two reasons why he believes Trump is in mortal peril: his growing advantage in the polls; and his promise to establish “a very, very close relationship with Russia”.

“Trump leading in the Presidential race, his ability to state things as they are, and his intention to start a new page in the extremely tense relationship with Russia — puts him in a very risky position,” stated Kiselyov. “He is likely to be simply killed.”

Kiselyov went on to suggest that America’s billionaires and special interests have it in their personal interest to forestall a Trump presidency.

“For these oligarchs the existing world order means stable business. Trump’s planned agreements with Russia means that the flow of finances would change.”

Kiselyov, who is known for his anti-Western polemics, was dubbed the Kremlin’s propagandist-in-chief by (((The Economist))). His pronouncements on American politics often reflect private sentiment among Russian elites. He has said that Russia is the only nation in the world that can reduce the (((United States))) to volcanic ash; has routinely attacked gay people; and is personally facing EU sanctions for his vociferous support of Russian’s occupation of the Crimea.

Kiselyov is also a hugely popular and influential figure in Russia with millions of people swearing by his news program.


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note – this Kiselyov is my cup of tea ! I need to ask this guy out of lunch sometime !
comment from friend regarding Trump’s threat to shoot Iranian ships in Persian Gulf

The Zionist-controlled fake media has been brainwashing people with Iranophobia since the glorious 1979 revolution. Being that Trump wants to win the election, he has to get millions of these mind-controlled zombies to vote for him. The day that Iran rightly intercepted the US warship, I looked at thousands of reader comments on the articles that came out, and a HUUUUGE number of people were saying, “See?? This is why we need Trump! He’ll take care of those Iranians!” I love Iran, and have appeared on Press TV numerous times, but America is not like Iran. Americans are simply not awake, yet they are the ones voting in the election. It is up to Trump to say whatever outlandish, controversial things he needs to, to resonate in the diseased minds of Americans and get elected. At which point, The US will normalize relations with Russia, and therefore use this backdoor method to lay the groundwork to possibly realign itself with the Axis of Resistance. American politics are very complex…what someone says and what they do are two completely different topics. I hope my dear Iranian brothers are understanding the game the Trump is playing. He is on your side, but has to pretend in his speeches that Iran is the bogeyman that the jewish media gins it up to be.

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