PHILIPPINE president Duterte waging a Holy War against Hebrew crime

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note – Good luck to this guy, I hope he kicks the US military out of The Philippines and keeps them out. I also hope he avoids the fate of other great foreign leaders who stood up to Washingcoon, like Hugo Chavez, Colonel Khadaffi and General Nasser, all of whom were murdered by ZOG or its mercenaries.


Duterte is using the government to help his people and protect Filipinos from the murderous Jewish-run global drug trade. As a result, this Fascist mastermind of Davao has been relentlessly defamed and assaulted by the bloodthirsty Jewish race and their terrorist army of pathetic puppets.

Pres. Duterte answers a Question from a UK Reporter Aug 21, 2016

If you are helping International Jewry to spread drugs, poison, death and destruction in the Philippines, you can expect to be ruthlessly exterminated by the heroic National Socialist leadership of strongman alpha male Duterte.

dailystormer reports

Duterte is quickly becoming my favorite person in the world. He is rampaging through the entire global Jew system.

He’s called for drug-dealers to be murdered on the streets, he’s called-out the idiocy of liberal social ideologies which demand that people selling drugs to kids have “human rights,” he’s called-out the Jew American ambassador as an invasive parasite, he’s honored the country’s fascist dictator Marcos as a hero and now he’s calling-out the UN as a useless and irrelevant globalist institution designed to interfere with the politics of sovereign nations.

He’s the embodiment of the ideal nationalist leader of the modern age – a totally unrepentant fascist who also honors our god KEK.

It will be fascinating to see what Duterte is able to do with the country as his plan unfolds. Obviously, though the man himself is clearly a genius, there’s an IQ ceiling on the general population. However, I could definitely see him using a Chinese partnership to rapidly bring the country up to the level of Thailand – without using the Thai trick of mass-tourism to accomplish that goal.


All of the violent crime in the country is related to the rampant drug trade, which was the result of the forced installing of democracy in the country by Western powers. You get rid of that – which Duterte is doing at an insanely quick pace – and you have a huge population which isn’t particularly smart, but is good-natured, peaceful and obedient. There’s a lot that can be done with that.

Just imagine what it would look like if we had men like this running the West.



ridding the country of criminal filth is only the first step of his agenda. He also plans to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, tackle corruption within the government (he’s doing a massive purge of appointed officials) and normalize relations with China (which have been stilted by ZOG shills).

Besides Vladimir Putin, Duterte is the first hero to rise in this new Age of Heroes.


What Duterte is doing now is just getting as much Jew foreign aid as he can before the foreign aid industrial complex’ bureaucracy is able to register what he’s doing.

Let the Philippines be a lesson to the whiny conspiracy autists who chant that “voting can never change anything under any circumstances and if it looks like it could change something it really isn’t because it is part of a secret conspiracy.”

As a rule, voting does not change anything, because that is the way the system is set up. That doesn’t mean it is impossible for voting to ever change anything.

The concept of universal suffrage democracy is unadulterated gibberish, as we all know, but right now the system is breaking down on the international level, and there are real opportunities to exploit this breakdown and win BIG.

Case in point.


The Philippines was a CIA base and the Jewnited Snakes’ top proxy in SE Asia. It was a terminally corrupt nightmare. But while the Jew masters were busy trying to start a war with Russia and opening bathrooms to dickgirls, a TOP SHITLORD maneuvered himself into power by exploiting the election system.

This is very, very similar to what is going on with Donald Trump. The Jews simply did not see this coming. When they said “he’s a joke, he’ll never get anywhere,” they actually believed it themselves. And then WHAM. GOP nominee. So now they have gone into full on freak-out mode, trying to shut it all down.

And they may succeed. No one knows.

But the point is, the window is open to change the entire course of human history through an election which the Jews screwed up monumentally when attempting to rig.

There is a chance here.


We need to also be aware of the fact that if Trump does lose, he may execute a putsch. I would of course never advise anyone to be a part of such a thing, but I do want people to be aware that could happen.

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