One thought on “Jewish corrupters of White women and girls

  1. My hats off to you for some in THEIR-FACE work!

    I too have been doing such like and the main level blogs can be found here:

    Jewgle does not like my work and changes both blogs and even videos on top of quietly deleting them. Key censored vids can be found here:

    Active YouTube channel here:

    Regards, and feel free to get in touch to learn the latest false arrest and shake down by this Jewish “communist” gang stalking garbage that leverages COPS!

    Carry a dash cam to insulate against sayanim attacks using both private and public sector groups working together; GPS logger can be useful too and they WILL false arrest you. (For me twice so far.)

    Search “Public and Private sayanim katt” to find two examples of how they will use layered attacks!

    Yours Truly,

    925-330-9185 (Northern Cal with strong evidence of child trafficking and organized mobbing in schools; they’re mercenaries embedded in our schools, teachers working with cult kids, as weapons!

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