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To paraphrase The Great One, when we “put the probing knife to the abscess” of the rotting corpse that is western civilization, we are sure to behold a bunch of bloated Marxist maggots from a certain  “religious”  tradition (cough cough) feasting away. The list of “usual suspects” is a long one, with some of the crime bosses being bigger and deadlier than others.

Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein) sits near the very pinnacle of the putrid power pantheon of the New World Order — just a small notch below the likes of a Soros (cough cough), Sulzberger (cough cough) or even Rothschild (cough cough). Indeed, without the power and protective cover of his culture-wrecking news and entertainment media, the geo-political and finance arms of the Kosher Nostra could not conduct their dirty business.

  In the vast scheme of global power, Redstone (Image 1) ranks right up there with Soros (2) and Sulzberger (3).

This article tells of the fierce Jew-on-Jew battle to control Sumner M. Redstone’s $40 Billion media empire. The corporate legal battle is over now; and the mentally declining 93-year-old mogul and his “recently reconciled” daughter, Shari Redstone (said to now be manipulating her formerly estranged father) have prevailed over longtime confidants and directors at Viacom.


Redstone & Redstone will retain control of powerhouse Viacom, which owns CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, BET, a bunch of cable television networks and the Paramount Pictures film and television studio. Now that’s some serious power! Scum like Soros and Rothschild can wreck economies and political structures. Whereas the victims can still rebuild and recover from that sort of destruction, the damage that Redstone inflicts on hearts, minds and souls can be irreparable.


 CBS News shows under Redstone remain as dishonest as they ever were under founder and 50-year boss William Paley (birth name Paloff, cough cough)

The lies, omissions and brainwashing of CBS News and 60 Minutes — that’s Redstone. The depraved filth and degeneracy of MTV — that’s  Redstone. The subtle Marxist propaganda aimed at the impressionable little children whose careless parents allow them to watch Nickelodeon — that’s Redstone. The stupid, yet influential libtard jokes of Comedy Central — that’s Redstone. The anti-White hate propaganda of BET (Black Entertainment Televison)  — that’s Redstone.    JewCorruptingKidsMTVmeme

1- More than any other media source in the world, Redstone’s formerly clean MTV (bought by Viacom) has morally corrupted the American and European generation known as “millennials.”


2- Now grown up, millions of millennial morons get their political commentary from Redstone’s Comedy Central — where John Stewart (birth name Liebowitz– cough cough) and his successor seldom, if ever, make fun of Democrats.


Closing on a comedic note, it is amusing to watch when barracudas turn on each other. In addition to the convenient “reconciliation” between Shari Redstone and her zombied-out old man, and the bitter legal fight between the Redstones and the Tribesmen of the Board, we learn that Keryn Redstone, a 34-year-old granddaughter, just filed court documents in Massachusetts this month. She claims she was wrongly disinherited of as much as $1 billion. The beneficiaries of the Redstone’s National Amusements trust include Keryn and four other grandchildren.


Keryn Redstone also insists that she would not settle without the inclusion of a deal for Manuela Herzer, a former sugar-baby of Redstone. Last year,  Redslime, probably under the control of his  of-so-loving “recently reconciled” daughter Shari, suddenly revoked plans to leave sugar-baby Herzer $50 million plus his $20 million mansion in Los Angeles. Another sugar baby named Sydney Holland also has a lawsuit pending and has threatened to release dirty photos of the perverted old man. What a spectacle! Everybody money-grubbing yenta and sex skank connected to the old man wants a piece of his soon-to-be-deceased carcass!

Low-life sex-obsessed trash with lots of money — and the power to mold entire populations in their image. May God save us from these invisible monsters.


1- The “loving” daughter waited until daddy lost his mind to “reconcile”.

2- The “loving” grand daughter Keryn (yikes!) is suing for a piece of the action. 

3- The “loving” sugar baby Manuela (blonde hair, black dress), now cut out of the loop, demands $50 million and a mansion. Sydney Holland (blue dress) is also sniffing for money.

 https://i1.wp.com/cdn.barstoolsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/30/Screen-Shot-2015-11-30-at-9.42.45-AM.png?resize=335%2C425 http://cache3-img1.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/docserver/getimage.aspx?regionKey=E3QliS6yvApaxd6k1ZMzKQ%3D%3D&scale=100

Herzer alleges that the old zombie was still demanding sex from her and his other sugar baby, Sydney Holland.

“Herzer’s suit — filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court — also described Redstone as “vacant, expressionless and out of touch,” basically unable to talk, “cannot walk or stand by himself,” and yet “fixated on having sex on a daily basis.”  (here)




Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Sumner Redstone and his daughter will be holding onto Viacom.

Boobus Americanus 2: Anglo-Saxons like him still wield too much power in America.


Sugar: “Ssumner Redsstone my asss! Hiss real name is Murray Rothsstein!

Editor: Yep. He’s about as ‘Anglo-Saxon’ as Obongo’s latest Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland.
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