The Jewish Problem and the White Solution

report from dailystormer


The Problem –Whites are on the verge of extinction, Jews are pumping poison through the veins of society, through the schools, through the media, through the churches. Non-Christian spirituality and Jewish philosophy have become the norm and Cultural Marxism has alienated us from our own thoughts. We are accused of being racists if we speak the truth and self censor ourselves before even opening our mouths.


Yet these standards are not applied to all. Through their control of the media Jews promote all this for Whites, but promote ethnic cohesion and racial purity for themselves. Immigration, Gay Rights, Civil Rights, Miscegenation, none of this is encouraged in Israel, it is all targeted only at the Goyim. The concentrated attack on us has caused our population to halve, from approximately 40% in the 50’s, to less than 20% now.

The Solution- We must solve the Jewish problem, it is a global problem, but we must attend to our own interests first, before we can be in a position of strength to offer help to other nations. We must increase our birth rate and ensure that our posterity are of high quality. To do this we need large, healthy families that stay together and provide solid foundations that the children know they can rely on. They need to be homeschooled, fed healthy food and taught the truth about the world and the danger that the Jews represent. They need to be taught to have a spiritual connection and to be strong in their faith. Faith will enable them to go beyond normal limits and encourage self sacrifice for the good of the race.


We need to defeat our inner Jew and overcome our individualistic brainwashing, give up vices like getting drunk, taking drugs, promiscuity, laziness, gluttony, all the society destroying behaviours that have been promoted to us. We need to regain our collectivist mindset and work together for the common cause.

Rise up brothers, it’s now or never !

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