Trump blames Obama, Clinton for creation of Daesh

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note – trump is trying to be as frank as possible with us on many important issues without getting outright assassinated. what trump is saying about isis,obama and hillary is more than enough to make americans curious enough into doing a simple google search, ”who really created isis”,  and va-la ! they find out about  the kosher PSYCHOPATHS in tel aviv and washington who tower behind isis.  TRUMP INTENDS TO WORK WITH PUTIN AND ACTUALLY DESTROY ISIS AND secure AMERICA’s BORDERS ! UNLIKE HILLARY, WHO WILL GO TO WAR AGAINST RUSSIA TO SAVE ISIS, OVERTHROW THE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT ON BEHALF OF greater ISRAEL AND IMPORT MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS AND  THIRD WORLD SAVAGES inTO AMERICA TO displace and GENOCIDE WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS, THE only real formidable force who can take back america from the ruling jewish establishment. all non-whites must realize this if they too want to be free from jewish tyranny, that jews want the white race EXTINCT so they can rule the world


US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has blamed President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for the creation of Daesh and instability in the Middle East.

“The Obama-Clinton foreign policy unleashed ISIS (Daesh) (and) de-stabilized the Middle East,” Trump said in a foreign policy speech in the swing state of Ohio on Monday.

He criticized the Obama administration over the Syria policies, which he said are behind the spread of terrorism in the world.


“Our current strategy of nation building and regime change (in Syria) is a proven absolute failure. We have created the vacuums that allow terrorism to grow and thrive,” he said.


Jews want to islamize America, just like they have been doing in Europe, because they are determined to make white christians a minority, the only formidable force that can rise up against and destroy the jewish money power

Trump promised to “crush and destroy” Daesh, saying he “will work closely with NATO on this mission.”

On his immigration policies, Trump said he would create a new screening test, which he called “extreme vetting.”

“In the Cold War, we had an ideological screening test. The time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. I call it extreme vetting.”

“A Trump administration will establish a clear principle that will govern all decisions pertaining to immigration and we will be tough and we will be even extreme,” he said, adding he would “only admit to this country those who share our values and respect our people.”

He also said that, under his administration, the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security would create a list of regions where the US would not admit people from.

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I’m running against media, not Clinton: Trump


US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has lashed out at the “crooked” media for their unfavorable coverage of his bid for the White House, saying he is now running against the press rather than against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I’m not running against crooked Hillary, I’m running against the crooked media,” Trump told his supporters at a rally in Fairfield, Connecticut on Saturday. “That’s what I’m running against, I’m not running against crooked Hillary.”

Earlier on Saturday, he went after the (((New York Times))), bashing the daily for citing unknown sources in a report that had characterized him as “sullen” and struggling to catch up with Clinton in polls.

“I don’t think they have any names,” the real estate mogul said of the Times’ sources, before threatening to revoke the paper’s permission to cover his rallies.

“Maybe what we’ll do,” he continued, “we’ll start taking their press credentials away from them.”

(((Politico))), the (((Washington Post))) and the (((Huffington Post))) are some of the media outlets which have so far lost their press credentials to cover Trump events.


The tycoon has also attacked (((CNN))) for criticizing him over calling President Barack Obama the founder of ISIL (Daesh). He later on said the comments were sarcastic “but not that sarcastic.”

During his Saturday speech, Trump said he would rather remove all cameras from the press zone and let the people see properly.

note from my friend alice –

The entire world will be enslaved when Whites are dead. We need to organize a physical revolution trust me, it is really what I feel. I don’t find any other solution. The problem is this revolution needs nationalist people and patriots. It is why the Jews bring Islam and all 3rd world immigration who in fact only love their pockets, not the countries who adopted them.
You can’t love you country if your ethnicity is not from this country and your religion as well. Race protects identity and identity protects race. You can’t expect from an Arab to protect France, you can’t expect from a Chinese to die for Sweden. Patriotism is strongly related to nationalism. You can’t die for a nation that gave you nationality and that you think is evil. Imagine yourself Arab in Europe, or African in Europe. Would you die for the European people? Even you won’t die for your own people. The culture of 3rd world is very selfish. Nationalism is the law of nature. Can a chinese call himself Palestinian and die combatting the Israelis? Can an African call himself Lebanese and die defending Lebanon? Race = Identity = Nationality = Religion. All Whites should be Nationalists if they really want to fight the Jews because Jews want to exterminate Whites and whites should be united as a group against non Whites and Jews otherwise they will lose because the Jews are powerful and have already programmed all non Whites against Whites. It is why it is almost impossible that non-whites will stand with white matters.  You almost never see any African, any Arab, any Asiatic exposing White genocide.

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