Shitlord Confirmed: Justin Bieber Refuses to Play in a Movie Because of “Gay Sex Scene”

by Zeiger from the Daily Stormer – July 29, 2016


Could it really be?

I remember weev saying something about Justin Bieber being a great troll, but I held on to my skepticism.

Turns out he might have been right.


As is often the case in today’s world of increasing multi-hyphenate celebrities, once a singer enjoys chart success, speculation starts to be mount on when they’ll make the leap into movies.

Justin Bieber is the latest star believed to be eyeing a potential screen project, but he is reportedly holding out until a scene featuring his character having sex with another man is written out.


“Schomo? How was the complimentary soap set I sent you? Did it remind of your cousin Abe?”

Writer Pete O’Neill told the New York Post’s Richard Johnson that the 22-year-old hitmaker has been offered the role of a pop star in Uber Girl, but won’t sign on until it undergoes a ‘major rewrite’.

‘He won’t take the part unless the sex scene with him and one of the male backup dancers is taken out of the final script,’ Pete, who is co-writer on the coming-of-age project, told the publication.

This may seem like a relatively minor thing, but the homo mafia has grown so strong in the past few years that saying anything which could be misconstrued as being “homophobic” is enough to earn you a public lynching.



Say anything bad about homos in Hollywood and you wake up with horse parts in your bed. And I’m not talking about the head, either.

The fact that Bieber is publicly refusing flat-out to go along with the fag agenda is remarkable, and shows he has both a deep hatred for these people and the guts to make a stand publicly about it.


Justin “One Less Lonely Fuck Given” Bieber

I mean, he could have just said he didn’t feel like it, or didn’t have the time. But he went and pointed out specifically that he didn’t want anything to do with this homo stuff.

I’ll be very interested in seeing how Justin Bieber reacts to the violent backlash he’s sure to get over this. Will he crumble and apologize like a little bitch, or will he double down and troll these fags?


Don’t mess this up bro. You troll these fags hard enough, and Zeiger will become a Belieber.

note from reader – Bieber also has “Jesus” tattooed in Hebrew on his ribcage. This seems like a major troll move to me! These kikes hate Jesus!

Talmud- Gittin 57a “that Jesus is boiling in hell in hot excrement and semen”…

Trump Refuses to Visit Israel Yet Again

by Zeiger from the Daily Stormer – July 29, 2016


Why not sacrifice your dignity, if you can get shekels and Jew support out of it?

The Glorious Leader has been sending mixed signals about his attitude to the Jews. On one hand, he can’t straight out be anti-Jew, or else he risks losing the Evangelicuck vote. But all of his positions are still unambiguously counter to the globalist Jewish agenda.


Plus, he’s consistently refused to go to Israel while campaigning, which would be a symbol of submission. All other candidates did. He’s also said he would make Israel pay for the American military aid they receive.

Haaretz reports :

Donald Trump brushed off the idea of making a trip to Israel before Election Day.

The Republican presidential candidate insisted at a Wednesday press conference that he would not follow in the footsteps of other White House hopefuls who have journeyed to Israel, saying at a press conference: “I’m not traditional.”


Trump’s not a traditional politician, unlike the above cucks.

In May, Trump said he was planning a trip to Israel, and as recently as last month campaign sources told New York Magazine that the candidate was planning an Israel trip prior to the Republican National Convention.

However, Trump has not visited Israel since he declared his candidacy last year.


Again, why should candidates visit a foreign country as a matter of tradition in order to be elected to the highest office of the land? This is clearly meant to be a declaration of allegiance, a mark of submission.

Trump will not suffer such humiliation.


Traditional politicians have no problem with humiliation.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney traveled to Israel in 2012 as the Republican party candidate as part of a relationship-building trip with foreign leaders like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Accompanied by megadonor Sheldon Adelson, who has yet to financially back Trump as promised, Romney attended fundraisers filled with wealthy American-Israelis in addition to meeting with Netanyahu and dining at the official residence.

Newspapers for Jews, such as Haaretz and The Forward, are a lot more candid when it comes to casually exposing the corruption of our leaders, since for them it’s a form of gloating.

For Jews, knowing that a candidate received a lot of Jewish money is reassuring. It comforts them that they can control that politician and ensure friendly policies.

Inversely, self-funded and charismatic men like Trump scare them, because they’re not dependent on them for their survival. This is part of the reason why they loathe him.

ceaFor Jews, it’s not enough to be a cuck. You have to be their cuck.

source – 

Literally Hitler: Jews Entering Hysterical Panic Phase

by Zeiger from the Daily Stormer – July 29, 2016


At first Jews denied Trump had any chance of winning. They jokingly compared him to Hitler.

Then the Jew entered the stage of anger. They would make raging speeches against Trump’s Nazism, and openly show their contempt for the stupid goyim who vote for him.


The Jews, being merchants, are always bargaining anyway, so the third phase was skipped.

Now we enter the fourth stage. This is when Jews truly believe Trump is Hitler, and they’re breaking down in panic and depression.


The final stage, acceptance, will have the Jews saying that Hitler wasn’t so bad after all, and that the yellow stars are pretty stylish and make them feel special.

Daily Kos:

This is an alarmist post because the situation we face today is so alarming.Donald Trump is a genuine fascist who has no regard whatsoever for democratic governance. He has taken savage pleasure in fomenting violence at his own rallies, lamenting that “nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” He has heaped praise on the world’s most ruthless tyrants, like Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein, and Kim Jong Un. And he has the full-throated backing of modern-day Nazis whose support he has not only refused to disavow, but instead proactively cultivated. The threat he poses to the future of this republic and the safety of the world is unknowable and may be without limit.

These are not conclusions I draw lightly. I have always resisted facile comparisons to Hitler and his Nazi Party precisely because they are often so unwarranted and overwrought that they threaten to dilute the true horror of the Holocaust. And it’s a horror I understand all too well: My father was a Holocaust survivor who spent his entire life sharing his story on an almost daily basis so that the rest of us could understand the incomprehensible, so that we would not forget what had happened.


Yeah, right! Like all Jews, I’m sure he just accused everyone he didn’t like of being Nazis. Jews are not ones to resist “facile comparisons.”

So that we could uphold the credo of “Never Again.”

Now, the klaxons are blaring. We are at DEFCON 1. Everything is at risk. And this means one and only one thing: We must—absolutely must—do everything in our power to elect Hillary Clinton president in November.

I myself am excited to support and vote for Clinton, but if you are not, I implore you, please find a source of motivation that will propel you to the highest energy level possible this fall. Perhaps there is something you like about Tim Kaine. If not, there is definitely something you hate about Donald Trump.


Who could muster the energy to vote for this creature?

Whatever inspiration you take, just please take some. Like Ezra Klein, who explained his fears about the danger of a Trump presidency so articulately, for the first time in my life I am scared of what our political future might hold in store. Trump is a dangerous man who will hurt many people if he is elected. My relationship with my father was always a distant one, in large part because his experience—his childhood disrupted by an empire of murderers who hunted him for years—was so alien. But now, even though he is gone, I feel closer than ever to him. And that is absolutely terrifying.

Too many times since the Shoah has humanity only honored “Never Again” in the breach. We must not let this become another such occasion. But it’s not too late: We still have a chance to stop Trump if we unite behind Hillary Clinton. We can and we must honor the past by fighting for the future. Please let us link arms and combat this menace, because the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.


Nice performance, Jew. It almost brought a tear to my eye.

You know, all this kvetching is making me more and more supportive of Donald Trump. This man has the ability to make Jewish tears from as if on tap.


They now genuinely hate and fear him, in their bones.

As they should.


You better be afraid, kikes. After he’s done with Hillary, you’re next!

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From NATO to Brexit, Trump has a record of siding with Putin

quick report from theuglytruth


TIMES OF ISRAEL – Republican nominee and Russian president appear to see eye-to-eye on many key issues, share deep dislike of Clinton –


ed note–besides the obvious slant attached to this piece suggesting that somehow Trump is an ‘asset’ of a foreign power, there is actually a lot being said that needs to be considered, and not just by the American people, but indeed by each and every member of the entire human population whose lives are going to be directly impacted on what is coming down the road vis a’ vis the next POTUS.

As we have said here many times, people the world over need to look more deeply into the entire Trump phenomenon and recognize that he/it is an act of desperation on the part of powerful players not only within the American military/intelligence apparati, but as well those of other nations as well,who understand just how close to the precipice the ENTIRE WORLD stands right now. The economic situation, the unleashing of indiscriminate terrorism and mass murder throughout the world, to say nothing of the cauldron of conflict and increasing consternation between a nuclear-armed US and a nuclear-armed Russia, all of these factors have come to a head to the point that saner players within the lunatic asylum known as the power elite are doing everything they can to put some distance between what’s left of the world and the impending apocalypse that is SURE to arrive with a bang if desperate maneuvers and counter-measures are not employed.

Having said this, all can rest assured that Trump’s ‘people’ and those of other players–including Russia, are indeed meeting with each other on a regular basis (quietly) and hammering out some strategy that (they hope) will save what’s left of this dying world from reaching that point of no return, if in fact this has not been reached already.

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