Just Cuck My Shit Up Fam: Nick Toon to Feature New Cartoon with a Faggot Interracial Couple

by Zeiger from the Daily Stormer

Wow, so tolerance, such progressive.

Are you ready, America? Tolerance is about to hit you.

Hit you like a freight train.



Nickelodeon is about to bring down the house — the “Loud House,” that is.

The children’s TV network will introduce a bi-racial gay couple on the animated show “The Loud House.” The series, which centers around the life of Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, will be the first Nickelodeon show in history to feature a married same-sex couple.

The couple in question, voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald, will make their debut on the July 20 episode “Overnight Success.”

Nickelodeon confirmed to Variety that the couple is Clyde McBride’s parents, Harold (Brady) and Howard (McDonald) McBride. An expert [sic] from Wednesday’s upcoming episode was posted to Twitter.


As evident in the clip, the series makes no hoopla over the appearance of the married gay couple. Instead, it focuses on the protective nature of the McBride’s after dropping off Clyde at the Loud residence for a slumber party.

I guess they won’t emphasize the constant raping the Black boy must endure at the hand of his perverted “parents,” either.

The decision to feature a married same-sex couple on a children’s program has been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions.

absolutelyThis is my face right now.

I imagine the focus group used to measure this “reaction” must have looked a little like this:

huffington post editorial board

Meanwhile at the Daily Stormer the “reaction” looked a bit more like this:10cm8o9

We’re gonna need a bigger oven. Or a bigger bog, i guess.

Did you think this would fly without a backlash, Jews?

Guess again.

You’re pushing your degeneracy on the goyim masses too fast and too hard. Like a transfusion of blood from the wrong type, it’s causing a violent reaction.

But here’s the thing. This push is done this way for two reasons.

First, because the people promoting degeneracy are no longer just scheming Jews who instinctively want to hurt the goyim, but now includes faggots and brainwashed liberals as well. Those people are true believers. Unlike the Jews, they’re not doing this as part of some Machiavellian plan, and thus have no concept of subtle subversion.

WCPO JUNE 27, 2015 - PRIDE - The Cincinnati Pride Parade and Festival drew thousands of people Downtown on Saturday, June 27, 2015. The parade makes its way down Vine Street past Fountain Square. Photo: David Sorcher

Faggots are not known to be subtle or PR-conscious.


The second reason is that our enemies are panicking. The move towards the right is happening world wide, and faster than they could ever expect. We’re taking control of the narrative, taking control of the culture. We’re shaking things up faster than they can adapt, and thus they’re starting to make a lot of mistakes in their hurry.

We need to pressure them to make more mistakes.

Nickelodeon’s twitter accounts are the following:




Maybe drop them a line to express your feelings about this new show?

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this is what kikes fear –

Whoops: US Kills 56 Civilians in Syria During Illegal Bombing Run

by andrew Anglin from the Daily Stormer


So, it isn’t usually (read: ever) mentioned by the Western media, but the US bombings in Syria are illegal under international law, given that they haven’t been sanctioned by Assad, who is the legal ruler of the country.


Obviously, Assad is fighting ISIS, so if he thought the US was effectively bombing ISIS, he would allow them to do it. He has given Russia permission to bomb. But he says the US is harming him a lot more than helping him, so has asked them to stay out of his country, but they’ve refused.

Because the US is there illegally, these deaths are murders, rather than genuine collateral damage.

Daily Mail reports :

At least 56 civilians have been killed by air strikes north of the besieged Islamic State-held city of Manbij in northern Syria, it has been claimed.

Residents believe the attack was carried out by U.S-led warplanes, a monitoring group said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the dead included 11 children and that dozens more people were wounded.


The U.S-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters, launched an offensive at the end of May to seize the last territory held by Islamic State (IS) insurgents on Syria’s frontier with Turkey.

They have since surrounded and fought their way into parts of the city, but Islamic State attacks still occur in some areas of the surrounding countryside.

On Monday, 21 people were killed in raids also believed to have been conducted by U.S-led coalition aircraft on Manbij’s northern Hazawneh quarter.

Colonel Chris Garver, a spokesman for the U.S. coalition against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, said it was looking into reports of civilian deaths but was being ‘extraordinarily careful to make sure’ air strikes were killing IS fighters.

‘Around Manbij, the Syrian Arab Coalition (SAC – Arab groups within the SDF), which is leading that fight, is being very slow and deliberate in that fight to protect civilians which we know are inside.’

The U.N High Commissioner for Human Rights recently voiced concern for the roughly 70,000 civilians believed to be trapped between warring parties in Manbij.

‘Civilians have…reportedly been killed if they leave their homes or attempt to flee. Families are unable to access local cemeteries to bury their relatives who have died or been killed, and are burying them in their gardens or keeping the corpses in bunkers,’ Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said.

‘The town has no electricity or water at present, and no medical facilities are known to be operating. As the SDF closes in on the city, (Islamic State) has not permitted civilians to leave the area.’

The coalition said it has conducted more than 450 strikes in the vicinity of Manbij. It routinely investigates civilian deaths and publishes the results of confirmed incidents.

Between September 2015 and February of this year, coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria probably killed 20 civilians and injured 11 others, the U.S Central Command said in April.

The whole thing is a gigantic hoax.

If the US actually wanted to get rid of ISIS, they could do so in a matter of days – probably in a matter of hours – simply by allying with Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. However, they refuse to do this, ostensibly due to human rights violations by Assad, the democratically-elected leader of the country.


assad wow just wow

There is no definitive evidence Assad ever committed any of the atrocities he is accused of, but even if he had, what difference does it make?

The US endorsed the non-democratic coup of Egypt’s Sisi, a man who openly mowed-down civilians when he was overthrowing the elected government.


The US supports Saudi Arabia, which is a “human rights” nightmare.

The US supports Israel, which is the most brutal violator of “human rights” in the world, openly committing a genocide/ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population of the territory in order to steal their land.


Claiming that Israel is your greatest ally who you will do anything to protect while claiming you need to overthrow Assad because of “human rights” is like something out of a slapstick comedy.


This narrative must have been written by a Rodney Dangerfield (née Jacob Rodney Cohen)-tier kike.


A Heywood “Woody” Allen (née Allan Stewart Konigsberg)-tier kike would have come up with something a little more subtle and clever. Like that Assad needs to be bombed because of some Freudian penis reason.

The idea that the US government is so concerned about “human rights” that it can’t allow Assad to be President is so patently ridiculous that it is virtually impossible to believe any single person genuinely believes it to be true.


comment from reader –


Speaking of Israel, why aren’t our valuable allies taking care of this mess? This is in their backyard. The neocons kept telling me we need an ally in the Middle East. Isn’t this why? What’s the point of having Israel as an ally if they will sit on their asses while Islamists are trying to invade a neighboring country creating a refugee crises which is flooding Europe with millions of refugees? Could it be Israel is no ally?

Argentine Jewish leaders call on government to make AMIA bombing a ‘national priority

short report from theuglytruth


ed note–Israel and her 5th column sayanim in Argentina (and elsewhere) do not want the 1994 AMIA bombing made into a ‘priority’ by the Argentine government. What they want prioritized is a statement from the Argentine government whereby Iran and Hezbollah take the blame for an act of false flag terrorism that Israel perpetrated.

This is what Israel and her peeps refer to as ‘facts on the ground’. Similar in many respects to her building ‘settlements’ and moving squatters into the West Bank, despite the fact that according to international law it is as legal to do so as it is to kidnap defenseless Gentiles, murder them and then sell their organs, nevertheless this is a major pillar in the Judaic method of making reality appear to be such based upon certain pieces of circumstantial ‘evidence.’ By having an official statement emerge concerning the AMIA bombing, whereby false witnesses and fake evidence is produced in blaming Iran while at the same time hiding that evidence that convicts Israel, the Jewish state is then afforded the opportunity of going before the court of public opinion and stating that it has been officially declared from a body no less authoritative than the government of Argentina itself that it was Iran that carried out the bombing, similar in many respects to the 9/11 Commission Report stating that it was the ‘AY-rabs’ who pulled off the terrorist attacks of September 11th – continue reading here

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