How Jews Control THE American Media

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JEWS MANIPULATE OUR MINDS through their control of mainstream American Media.

And these Jews are on a fierce campaign to eradicate any semblance of Christianity in America.



Here Is A List Of The Jews Who Own The Major Media In The US: (and who controls your mind)

NBC/Universal Studios is owned by the Jew,Brian Roberts.

CBS/MTV/Paramount Pictures/Viacom isowned by the Jew, Murray Rothstein (akaSumner Redstone).

ABC/Disney is run by the Jew, Robert Iger, who is Chairman & CEO.

CNN/Time Magazine is primarily owned by the Jew, Aviv Nevo, with the Jew, Jeff Zucker, as president.

FOX News/Wall Street Journal/New York Post/20th Century Fox is owned by the Jew, Rupert Murdoch, whose mother Elisabeth Joy Greene, was a Jew. (Jews trace their racial identity from their mother.)

The New York Times is owned by the Jewish Sulzberger family, the major influence behind Columbia University. Arthur Sulzberger Jr is current Chairman of The NY Times.

Numerous Newspapers & Magazines throughout North America are owned by the Jewish Newhouse family. 

In 2013, longtime owners the Graham family (Jews) sold the Washington Post newspaper to Jeff Bezos (Jew) for US$250 million in cash. The newspaper is owned by Nash Holdings LLC, a holding company Bezos created for the acquisition. The newspaper is also known as the namesake of The Washington Post March, composed in 1889 by John Philip Sousa.


Here Is How The Jewish Media Forms Our Opinions:





Promoting The So-Called War On Terror: America’s Foreign Policy which is controlled by the Jewish Lobby isjewTVfilthMeme promoted by the Jewish Media whose executives attend the same synagogues & country clubs as the Jewish Lobby leaders.

Promoting Pornography, Homosexuality, & Lesbianism: Jews through their Media control are hell-bent on destroying Christian morality & consciousness in America. Thus they gain control over the subverted masses.

Promoting Political Candidates Who Support Zionism: A perfect example of this is the Jewish Media’s blackout of Presidential candidate Ron Paul who spoke against military & financial aid to Israel Here.

Promoting Violence: Jews through their Media-control wish to create adisordered society so as to dominate the masses through their highly-organized and monolithic institutions.

Promoting Multiculturalism: The Jewish controlled Media bombards Americans with images of “diversity.” This is to dilute our once-Christian society in order for Jewry, a united entity, to intensify their domination.

We Can Stop The Jews If We Commit Our Lives To Jesus Christ And To A Christian Life Once Again!



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