What Christ said about the Jews

When you see a cross, remember the gruesome act of murder committed by the Jews on Golgotha.

from page 14 of the ‘POISONOUS mushroom’ by julius streicher

Julius Streicher was a heroic Christian and prominent member of the National Socialist party prior to World War II. He was the founder and publisher of Der Stürmer newspaper, which became a central element of the National Socialist media machine. 


A peasant mother returning from field work, with her three children, pauses before a wayside Christ. The mother talks to them about the wickedness of the Jews. She points to the cross, which stands by the road: Children, look there! The man who hangs on the cross was one of the greatest enemies of the Jews of all time.


He knew the Jews in all their corruption and meanness. Once he drove the Jews out with a whip, because they were carrying on their money dealings in the church. He called the Jews: Killers of men from the beginning. By that he meant that the Jews in all times have been murderers. He said further to the Jews: Your father is the Devil! Do you know, children, what that means?


It means that the Jews descend from the Devil. And because they descend from the Devil they can but live like devils. So they commit one crime after another. The children look thoughtfully at the cross. Mother continues: Because this man knew the Jews, because he proclaimed the truth to the world, he had to die. Hence the Jews murdered him.



They drove nails through his hands and feet and let him slowly bleed. In such a horrible way the Jews took their revenge. And in a similar way they have killed many others who had the courage to tell the truth about the Jews. Always remember these things, children. When you see the cross, think of the terrible murder by the Jews on Golgotha.

Remember that the Jews are children of the Devil and human murderers. Remember the saying: As long as Jews have been on Earth There have been enemies of the Jews. They gave warning of the Jewish blood And even sacrificed their blood, So that the world might know the Devil And not plunge into ruin; So that the world might soon be freed From its slavery to the Jew


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