Israel could start WW3 before Trump gets elected

Israel could start WW3 before Trump gets elected

report from alice friedmann


There is a serious possibility of World War in November 2016 BEFORE the American elections if the Jews will conclude that Trump will win the elections. Let me explain. Jewry planned Israel since 1897 to become an official ruling country of this world. Jewry already rule the world now BUT from behind the scenes. This not the final goal of Jewry who believes that Jews by the end of times, will have some 2800 slaves, and Jews will rule the world and non Jews will venerate them... The ultimate goal of Zionism is to create a COUNTRY that will replace the super powers of the world. Destroying the west is the ultimate goal of Israel & International Jewry. Many will tell you Israel wants to destroy the “Muslims” as if the Muslims are not destroyed, or are competitors to rule the world, they are already living all under Jewish occupation, same as the Christians and the rest of the world, through the Jewish private central banks established in their countries and their leader puppets whether they are religious or not. The only real competitor is the advanced societies of the west!

Expanding the land of Israel is not possible anymore because the so called Islamic Khilafat created by Jews (CIA / Mossad) for the Sunni Muslims, is collapsing due to Russia destruction of that Khilafat. ISIS will probably be finished after some months, this means “Greater Israel plan” is lost forever. maintenance


The only way Israel can rule the world OFFICIALLY and obtain an international recognition of that Judaic rule (Pax Judaica), is to REDUCE WORLD POPULATION.

How to do that? ? Now imagine the world will be 500 millions instead of 7.2 billions today, America, Europe, Russia, Muslims, China are completely destroyed. This is the only option for Israel to rule a smaller world with majority Africans and south Asians!


NUCLEAR WAR is lost forever IF Trump is ELECTED!

No greater Israel, no Nuclear war if Trump is elected, because he promised to strengthen the relations & friendship with Russia! This means the super powers of the world today WILL NOT BE DESTROYED!

Israel could start WW3 before the election of Trump, Israel can create a major false flag, sophisticated one probably, it may attack Russia and blame America, or attack America and blame Russia, or simple nuke Iran which means Russia will come to rescue Iran, then America will come to rescue Israel, which means Nuclear war between Russia & USA, that will bring China and Europe…


Many scenarios, but something Jews will not abandon easily: Their ancestral plan to rule the world and be officially RECOGNIZED for their rule by the Goyim (all non Jews)

What to do now?

We should PRAY, even I’m not very religious, but I believe God can save us from these devils who were behind all world wars, all revolutions, all conflicts and false flags…

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Understand how the Jews are destroying the Western Christian nations. You should understand that this is their ultimate goal that they started working on since more than hundred years and they need to reach a point where the west is completely reduced to a 3rd world.

This part 2, it is very educational for those who don’t understand this plan including those so called Anti-Zionists who just oppose Israel without understanding the danger of International Jewry
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  1. Until Trump gestures toward forcing AIPAC to register as a foreign agent and shutting off all financial aid to Israel, he cannot be considered anything other than a lapdog for Zionism.

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