The Orlando massacre and its impact on Clinton and Trump

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ed note–all should understand that the various ‘condolences’ offered by Israel and her supporters in the aftermath of the mass shooting at the gay bar in Orlando have a hidden and deeper aspect attached to them, which is the panic (as partly evidenced by this OpEd appearing in Haaretz) that is now sweeping through the pro-Israel/pro-war community, i.e. that the shootings are going to usher Trump into office and as a result, a serious reorganization/recalibration of the entire Project for a New American Century paradigm is going to take place.

As we have theorized here, there are powerful forces behind Trump in the Intel/military community who understand that if something drastic is not done and soon, that America is finished. For these powerful institutions and individuals, who are as comfortable dealing with death as McDonald’s workers are comfortable flipping hamburgers, the math is very simple–50 gays (which the Intel/Military establishment view with understandable disdain anyway) killed by some ‘Islamic’ patsy in return for which Trump (who they view as the ‘Hail Mary Pass’ of American politics) gets elected, and as part of the bargain, possibly 50 million Americans are saved.


In short, an Islamic patsy is used, playing on the fears already created on the part of Pro-Israel/pro-war Neocons since before 9/11, in order to bring a gradual end to the wars against the Islamic world that America is fighting, wars that by their very design have been created in order to destroy America.

The clincher that it was a false flag op aimed at helping Trump? That the shooting took place in a gay bar rather than a school yard, which of course is not to say that these same forces would not/will not be willing to go to those lengths as well if necessary.


Are we justifying what was more than likely a false flag intelligence op aimed at getting Trump elected? No, merely explaining it. Do we understand the anxiety on the part of the Islamic community in America? Of course. As a result of this, already-terrified parents will now have to worry even more about the safety of their children/loved ones.

We are not offering a right/wrong opinion here but rather a theory/explanation as to what likely occurred, who did it, and why.

Depending on how things develop between now and November, look for even more events of this type to take place, including on the part of those pro-Israel/pro-war elements who view a Clinton presidency as the lesser of 2 evils and who will stage events of their own in order to help her chances along as well.

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