by April Garris
smoloko note – porn is a weapon of organized satanic jewry used to enslave us mentally and spiritually to their hellish jew world order so we are fixated on our genitals rather than the well-being of our family,community and country. stop watching porn, repent and get your relationship right with god now and do your part to stop the global demonic jew agenda before it’s too late !

A few months after I became saved, and before I became involved with the Pink Cross Foundation, the Lord put a burden on my heart for those involved in porn. He moved my heart to start praying for them….to desperately cry out to Him for their salvation.

It was during one of these prayer sessions that the Lord literally opened my eyes to see and understand the demonic reality that exists in the midst of the porn industry. It does not exist “behind-the scenes” nor has it “infiltrated” the industry – It completely controls the inner workings and has power over those involved.


The Lord gave me a very powerful vision of one of the porn shoots that I had worked on, involving a major mainstream porn company and numerous people. I recalled what took place in the scene, as I visualized myself having hardcore sex, and the people all around me.

As I was praying, the Lord literally opened my eyes and gave me a glimpse into the spiritual reality that existed around me, but at the time I was too blind to see or comprehend. I saw this scene from a completely different perspective, with spiritual insight to the reality of what went on around me. In 2 Kings 6, the prophet Elisha prays to the Lord that the eyes of his servant may be opened, so that he may see the spiritual realities surrounding them. Elisha’s words to his servant were validated when God let him see the spiritual realities that lay beyond normal human sight. In much the same way, God opened my own eyes and gave me a glimpse into the demonic realm that controls the porn industry.

In my own vision, I saw a room literally filled with demons. The people involved in the production of the video, including myself, were completely oblivious to this horrific reality – the total demonic regime which was present. The demons themselves were doing various things. Some of them were watching us have sex. Others were roaming around the room, sort of “patrolling” it. Others were “standing guard,” like a soldier guarding his post. It was then that the Lord revealed to me what I had exposed myself to during my time in porn, and how He had protected me.

He also revealed to me what others in the porn industry expose themselves to on a daily basis. The porn industry is literally the Kingdom of Darkness at work in the lives of men. God showed me Jude 23, in which He instructs us, regarding some people, to “save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.” Those in the porn industry need to be grabbed and “pulled out of the fire” in this way. They are literally held captive – controlled and manipulated – by those demons which have been assigned to the multi-billion dollar porn industry.

Every porn star has a direct demonic influence in his or her life. A person’s entrance into the porn industry is the gateway for this influence. Each person has a specific demon, or multiple demons, assigned to him or her. When several porn stars gather together on set to shoot a porn, all of those demons are converging together in one place – which is why the atmosphere on a porn set is so dark and heavy. There are multiple demons gathered together in one place.

The people on the porn set are completely oblivious to the spiritual inner workings going on around them, due to several reasons.

For one thing, porn stars have their senses numbed by drugs and alcohol. It is common knowledge that drug use makes a person more susceptible to demonic influence. Drugs are directly tied to sorcery in the Bible, and most pagan cultures use drugs in their religious rituals. In the case of paganism, drugs are used to heighten spiritual awareness – but on a porn set, they are used to dull the senses, making a person more willing to do things that a typical person in a normal state of mind would never do. Nevertheless, drug use (including drug use in the porn industry) always provides a direct gateway for demonic activity, whether the person using is aware of this or not. The frightening thing about porn is that there is already such heavy demonic activity on set – the drug use simply adds to it.

The porn stars who are outside getting high are actually opening themselves up for increased demonic influence in their lives. Anyone involved in the occult will tell you that drug use provides a direct gateway to the spiritual realm. Those in the porn industry are under the control of 2 different entities – the demonic realm which controls the industry, and the mind-altering drugs which numb them to any sense of spiritual awareness.

Besides the drugs, those in the porn industry have typically been so abused, wounded, and broken down in life that their psyche has been damaged, and they have become hard. They enter the porn industry with a completely erroneous view of morality and sexuality. People who get into porn rarely, if ever, consider the moral consequences of their actions; in fact, their moral compass is completely shifted, and their view of sexuality as it relates to others and themselves is highly abnormal. The fact that they do not hold a healthy view of themselves, others, or life in general leaves a huge wide-open door for Satan to come in and completely deceive them.


Throughout the Scriptures, we are warned about the craftiness of Satan, and how he uses deception to lure people away from God. The thing about the porn industry, these people are prone to deception even before they enter the industry. They do not enter the industry, then become deceived. They are damaged and victimized people who believe the lies that they are worthless, and only good for sex. Satan uses this deception to lure them into the porn industry, believing that it will give them some sort of sense of control. He uses their deep pain and longing to manipulate them, and bring them into an industry that will destroy what little self-esteem and sense of control they have left.

The longer one remains in the porn industry, the harder that person gets, and the more they try to justify their decision to make porn. This is exactly how Satan works – through self-deception. So, what we have is Satan working through 2 mediums: direct demonic influence and deception. This Satanic sphere of influence does not stop with the mere production of pornography, but also extends to the consumption of pornography.

The use of pornography provides a direct gateway for demonic influence, and every video or website opens another door. When a person uses pornography, he is allowing for the demonic forces which control the porn industry to infiltrate his life and his home. Not only is he directly contributing to the kingdom of Satan, but he is allowing an opportunity for Satan to gain a stronghold in his life. There is a huge supernatural element to porn addiction, which involves spiritual bondage. Willpower is not enough to break this powerful hold – it takes a mighty work of the Holy Spirit.


In Psalm 101:3, David said “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes.” In the same manner, 1 Thes. 5:22 commands us to abstain from every form, or appearance, of evil. In other words, we are to stay away from any visual or audible representation of evil. This is pornography. Jesus said, in Matthew 15:18-20, that the things which come from the heart, including evil thoughts and fornications, defile a man. So, in addition to defiling a person, pornography brings a person under the influence, and even control, of the demonic entities that control it.

Whenever a person watches pornography, it goes beyond merely giving into some carnal desire, or fulfilling the lust of the flesh. A person is actually tapping into the demonic realm by actively participating in an industry that is controlled by Satan. Most Christians do not think of watching porn in the same category as dabbling in the occult, or playing with a ouija board, but the truth is, the same demonic forces which work in the occult are also at work in the porn industry, and the porn industry is just as heavily controlled by Satan. A person can actually become controlled by his desire for porn – this is demonic influence.


Whenever a person lets pornography into his or her home, Satan will use that very mechanism to try and destroy the people in that home. Satan knows how to use pornography to bring the viewer into bondage, because he is the one who controls the entire porn industry. Pornography is just as demonic as anything associated with the occult, and even more dangerous, because those who watch it aren’t even aware of the demonic influence that is going on in their lives. At least with the occult, the demonic activity is blatant and obvious – not so much with porn. It is much more subtle, and appeals to the very basest desires of man.

What a man may sees as simply a few moments of carnal pleasure is, in reality, an open invitation for demonic influence in a person’s life.


Pornography provides an entire network by which Satan works to destroy the lives of men – those who produce it, and those who consume it. The demonic forces which directly control the porn industry from the inside are also at work on the outside, bringing people into bondage and rendering them powerless against their “addiction.” I guess you could say that the porn industry is the central headquarter of demonic activity, and this activity branches out to influence each and every person who actively watches porn. The level at which a person becomes controlled by these demonic influences depends upon how readily that person gives himself over to porn, and his participation in it.

In Genesis 4:7, God says to Cain “If you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.” In the same way, the demons that rule over the porn industry lie at the door, waiting for any opportunity to bring the Christian into bondage. Their desire is to dominate anyone who opens the door for them. Every time a person views pornographic content, that door is opened, and the demons of pornography are allowed entrance into, and influence upon, a person’s life.


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