Family Law: Men Are Kicked in the Teeth


by Henry Makow Ph.D

Brian’s family was the last I had expected to break up. Brian and Gail had been married 24 years. They had six children ages 7-18 and were active in the pro-life movement. At elections, they were the only ones with a lawn sign for the Conservative party.

Brian, 46, ruggedly handsome and dishevelled, was a carpenter and bricklayer. He quit grad studies in city planning because he couldn’t stand the politics.

Brian is a very rare person. He is genuine. In April, he stopped a man from beating a woman on a downtown roadway. Hundreds of passersby just stood by and gawked. Ironic, he stood up for a woman, and now is being crushed by feminist family law.

Recently I met Brian, and learned why he and Gail had moved away.


It seems Brian had a mid-life crisis. He had fallen into a deep depression and couldn’t work. Perhaps the stress of operating a small business for 20 years had caught up to him.

“Many times it was, if you don’t get the job, you don’t eat,” he said.

After five months of depression, Gail secretly got a restraining order and a month later, she ordered him out of the house.

She told him she couldn’t cope with his depression. She told the police she was “afraid of his temper.”

While he waited in the police car handcuffed like a common thief, a cop said he should be thankful. She could have falsely accused him of assault and put him in prison for weeks.

In 24 years of marriage, Brian never hit Gail. Sure he had a temper and occasionally raised his voice. So did she. It was a normal part of family life. Gail had been “his best friend.”


Brian forgives Gail and makes excuses for her. He championed causes that must have taken a toll on her. For example, they had received death threats for his defiance of a local biker gang.

But the biggest factor was a neighbor who had just split up, and filled Gail’s head with feminist dogma. Gail told him: “I bet you never thought that sucky little Gail would become a strong independent woman.”

This is how Communist-Satanist movements work, corrupting one person at a time. Whether its destroying one family or getting one more child on Ritalin, the cancer spreads from cell to cell.

They always operate behind the smokescreen of some “social ideal” but their real agenda is to divide and conquer and destroy.

Brian had always consulted Gail but she never took much interest in decision-making. Now she pretends to enjoy “calling the shots.” She has become aggressive and abrasive.



In court, criminals get better treatment than Brian did for “having a temper.” A husband and father, he was considered an enemy of society. He lost the fruits of a lifetime labor: his children and his home.

“It was all rubber-stamped,” Brian said. “The lawyers and judge didn’t give a damn. My lawyer said justice was just a word.”

He was left with a few tools, clothes and books.

Tears welled up in Brian’s eyes when he told the judge: “All I ever wanted was to be a knight in shining armor. Instead I’m Satan himself.”

Alone in his apartment, he cried over the loss of his children: “the floodgates really opened up.” During the school year, Brian looked after the children more than Gail who was a schoolteacher.

“I miss getting the children up in the morning, even when they are cranky,” he says.


Gail’s betrayal shocked Brian out of his depression. He still sees his children who seem to be managing. He is getting work, dating and trying to put his life back together.

The novelty of being an “independent woman” is beginning to wear off for Gail. She is overwhelmed with work and parenting, and the children say she is always yelling.



Women are being hoodwinked into thinking they want power. Power is the wrong kind of fuel for them; eventually their engines start to sputter. They need male love expressed as male power. A feminist with six children will have a hard time finding it.

Many people ask me what we can do about the New World Order. Make no mistake, domestic violence and family laws are the vanguard of the Communist NWO. The Rockefeller “think tanks” have ordained the destruction of the nuclear family by smashing paternal authority. The object is to foster isolation and dysfunction so we cannot resist servitude, and to decrease population. The protection of women is not the real agenda.

Where families are concerned, the totalitarian state has arrived. If a couple is overheard having an argument, a neighbor can phone the police who will take the husband away.

Opportunistic and naïve feminists, lawyers and politicians advance this evil agenda. There are  good people among them who could not be comfortable with this. We must ask them to reconsider.


I encourage people to form small groups and meet regularly for mutual support and action. (The NWO wants us to be isolated.) We should remind judges, the press and politicians that they have been subverted. We should demand changes in domestic violence and family laws. At election time, we should call politicians to task.

We cannot stop the attack on Iraq or Afghanistan. But we can stop the attack on families. As men, we can stand up and resist tyranny.

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note from a ‘friendly attorney’ – Is it really worth getting married ? Given that over half of all marriages end in divorce, and that women initiate 70% of divorces and get the kids 90% of the time, I would advise against it for any man. If the laws were different, my advice would be different. I would love for family law to mirror traditional (Christian) values.  The text of the Bible has remained the same, but the text of the family laws have been altered drastically. There was a provision for child support in the Bolshevik law. It’s unfortunate that the religious fairy tale doesn’t match the family laws. Divorce is “no fault”, meaning the woman can leave the man for ANY reason, taking property, alimony, and custody of the children with her. Religious marriage is suited to “fault marriage” with no divorce. No fault divorce with mandatory child support was invented by the Jewish Communists after the Bolshevik Revolution. Do you and her a favor and have a religious ceremony, but forgo the state contract..
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