Charismatic Pastor: Donald Trump Is the New World Order’s Worst Nightmare

Donald Trump is a threat to the New World Order’s global agenda, says charismatic Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne.


Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne

Tuesday on TruNews, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, founder of Revival Ministries International, told host Rick Wiles he believes Donald Trump is the New World Order’s “worst nightmare.”

Howard-Browne has endorsed the Republican Party front-runner. In discussing his choice, he said he believed the billionaire’s candidacy has thrown “the hold of the global agenda” out of sync. He then read from a statement he made Monday:

“Coming from outside America—and having become citizens of the USA—we see things a little differently. We see it from a global perspective; from what is happening globally. We know that the Bible tells us that the devil’s end-time plan is a one-world religion, one-world money system and one-world government—a ‘New World Order.’ This is a plan that threatens every freedom we have and hold dear.


“Christianity and the Bible is a threat to this global plan. So is anyone who thinks for themselves. The American Constitution—the document that made America the great nation it is—stands in the way of this global agenda. This is why it has been under attack—from our own president, and others, on down. We realize that it is the New World Order’s Agenda to destroy the United States.”

He then critiqued each of the candidates, Republican and Democrat, explaining why he could not support them. Then, he explained his support for Trump.

Donald Trump

“I met Mr. Trump twice in a 20-year period—once in the ’90s and the last time was two years ago,” he said. “Both times were chance encounters, not planned. He did not know who I was. I found him to be a humble person and he treated me with kindness—that’s all.

“I believe him when he says that he is tired of the direction the country is going in and felt like that if no one else was going to step up, then he felt like he should. I believe that his popularity is due to the fact that he is not a politician, but he is one of ‘We the People’ just as we are.


“We are all tired of being manipulated by politicians, liberals and the media. Trump does not censor his words like politicians do. He says what he thinks, which appeals to people. I am not saying I agree with everything he has said, or that he knows everything he is signing up for, but I do believe that he will put knowledgeable people around him who share the same values as we patriotic Americans do.”

Addressing concerns about the frequent vulgarity of Trump’s campaign, Howard-Browne said the GOP front-runner “isn’t perfect, but at least we can see all his faults.” He said, unlike other candidates, those faults aren’t “hidden behind a veil of smugness.”

“A mark of a person’s standing is who backs them and who attacks them,” he said. “The New World Order and the establishment are spending tens of millions to take him down.


“When the Pope attacks him, plus two former Mexican presidents and other world leaders—then that tells me he is a threat to the New World Order and the One World Government. When the world’s financial elite met in Davos, Switzerland, and said they are afraid of Trump. I said that’s good enough for me.

“Trump is bad news to the New World Order and the One World Government, spoken about by George H.W. Bush in his ‘1,000 points of light’ speech. Trump is good news to American Sovereignty.”

The charismatic pastor said he wasn’t telling people how to vote, but rather wanting to open their eyes to the threat he sees from “the New Word Order’s global agenda.” Wiles then referenced an earlier interview in which former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appeared to make a similar claim, saying the Washington establishment was turning against Trump because he wasn’t part of “the secret society.”

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