Donald Trump Slayer of NWO Dragons

by Texe Marrs


The Establishment is frightened and are in a panic. They can’t believe it. Donald Trump is about to overturn their New World Order applecart. If he is elected President of the United States, all the carefully drafted plans of the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council of the Americas, the World Economic Forum, the Skull & Bones Society, the Bohemian Grove and every other traitorous conspiratorial group will be smashed.


The Jewish billionaires at the top are especially incensed and angry. How could this happen? For years they’ve wined and dined this extroverted braggadocio, Trump. They’ve groomed him and now, he is threatening their Jewish Utopia, the Plan of plans for global domination.

They  (the global jewish banking cartel ) Prefer Hillary Over Trump


These evil men easily prefer a criminal lesbian, Hillary Clinton, over Trump. They include in their corrupt ranks both Democrats and Republicans. Any party will do, whether led by Senator Harry Reed (D-NV) and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), or by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Their comfy little arrangement was assured both by George W. and by Barack O—both these White House idiots were but putty to the rich. These rubbery Presidents do whatever the money men say, and the rest of us—the little people—we just have to shut up and take it. We, the average citizen, are held in contempt, even derision, by the fat cats.


But along comes unconventional Donald Trump, and man, the rats are scurrying left and right. They are desperate, and they are truly angry.

They are about to lose their minds. How dare this flamboyant showman go up against their roaring New World Order dragons, the fire breathing beasts the elite have carefully cultivated for over seven decades.

Donald Trump, slayer of New World Order dragons.

New World Order Dragons to Slay

Now, it is clear to me that Donald Trump has been doing his homework. He has mentioned at least ten New World Order dragons he is pledging to destroy, or at least to severely damage. We need to examine these ten dragons, and when we do, we realize just how devastating their demise will be to the New World Order elite:


1. Immigration: Trump wants to build a wall, a 1,000-mile long wall, and police the borders. He says he will deport every last illegal alien, just as the law demands. But the global elite say they want no wall and no borders. The establishment types desire no national sovereignty and are working for the end of the U.S.A. as a separate, great nation. To which Trump responds: “No way! We will enforce the laws!”

2. Rule of Law: Trump demands the government actually obey the immigration laws and deport illegals. The elite care less about the law. Their goal is cheap labor. They want to end “white privilege.” Trump says, “no!” He plans to deport as many illegals as now live in the U.S. He hints he might also go on to indict the New World Order law-breakers themselves.

3. Trade: Trump calls our establishment leaders “stupid” and “incompetent.” He vows to make America great again and to shrink the trade deficit. He wants manufacturers to bring jobs and companies back to America. He is for fair trade and free trade. The big boys care less about America’s bloated trade deficit.

4. Jobs: Trump plans to re-employ the middle class; the companies that go overseas to make their products will be forced to pay a huge tariff, or tax. The global elite have no sympathy for the middle or working classes. I-Phones made cheaply in China, and Carrier air conditioners and Fords made in Mexico, sound just fine to these scavengers. With Trump in charge, they’ll have to pay for their lack of empathy and their greed. Trump will end the New World Order’s whack-job plans for NAFTA, the North American Union, and The Trans-Pacific Partnership.

5. Blacks and Minorities: Trump refuses to coddle the welfare class. He will not favor quotas and affirmative action. But he will provide equal opportunity jobs for blacks and for Mexican-Americans. The elite prefer to keep the downtrodden in crime-ridden, slave plantation, urban ghettos, on drugs, and with their hands held out pleading for bread. The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons are seeing a coming end to their race-hustling schemes. They don’t like it.


6. Interventionism: Trump intends to bring the troops home and stay out of foreign wars. He’ll let Russia and Putin take out ISIS and defend Syria. No more insane wars for Israel in the Middle East. We don’t need foreign oil and will mind our own business. This is a real defeat for the Bush-era neocons and the pundit class who have never seen a foreign war they didn’t like. This alone is causing the New World Order crowd to go bananas.

7. Veterans: The wicked cycle of bleeding young men and women in foreign conflicts, then treating them as pariahs back home may be over. Trump may close down the whole mess of VA hospitals and end the incompetency. He is a champion for veterans.

8. Climate Change: It’s been proven to be a scientific fraud. Expect a President Trump to deep-six the biggest scam in history.

9. Entitlements: The establishment is just aching to cut back on Social Security and Medicare. Meanwhile, they just love shoveling out billions and billions of welfare to unqualified illegal aliens. Trump has said he will not cut Social Security and Medicare. These payments are not handouts. Working men and women of America have paid in and have earned these benefits, and Trump will see that they get what they have been promised.

10. Christianity: The era of Christian-hating and anti-Christian rules may be ending. Trump says he will not permit Christian bashing to continue. He says he will end the 501(c)3 scam which shuts up churches.


Goodbye Corrupt Media

The mainstream, establishment media—that means CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, and the lying yellow rags disguised as newspapers—all got it wrong about Trump. They merrily prattled on that he would never get the Republican nomination, never be President. They were wrong. The Emperor has no clothes. No one will ever again trust the Washington, D.C. lie-slingers.

Goodbye Corrupt Political Establishment

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan and their ilk better say a quick goodbye because no one wants or needs those lying weasels. The Republican Party, like the Democrat Party, is a joke—a bad, bad joke. They’ve long kissed up to the New World Order boys and shoved the rest of us down the abandoned elevator shaft. Well, we aren’t going to take their abuse any longer. They’re finished.

You can, however, count on these establishment jackals to persist for awhile longer in their vain pursuit of deceiving the masses and of making more money. They have no scruples, no moral compass.


Now, more than ever, America needs God. Trump is, at best, a stop gap. Expect the elite to do their utmost to thwart Trump. If necessary, they might even assassinate him!

But Donald Trump will not be America’s savior. He may disappoint us by siding with the wealthy donor class. What we need is God, and we need Him badly. Pray that He will have mercy on us as a nation and that once again, we can cry out, with happiness and joy, God Bless America!

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ed note–with the news that Adelson had caved and was forced by entities more powerful than him to throw his support behind Trump, the NeoCons are doubtless going out of their minds, one tiny piece of evidence being the ridiculous piece appearing below, and we can dismiss with the notion that Kagan & co are doing this in order to give the ‘illusion’ that the Jews are worried about Trump and that they are doing this as a smokescreen to ‘fool America’. The entire ‘Nazi’ line of attack is/was/always will be reserved for those who have had a death sentence imposed upon them by Judea and Trump is no different, despite whatever pretenses he makes of posing as a ‘supporter’ of Israel’. continue reading here
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