Ken Livingstone Replaced with Dirty Zionist Jewess


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As was reported on Daily Stormer earlier today, an overweight and grotesque Jewess has usurped a high-ranking Labour Party position from budding Nazi mastermind Ken Livingstone; a turn of events that cannot go unpunished.

From Jewish Chronicle:


A former Jewish Society chair has been backed to replace Ken Livingstone on Labour’s National Executive Committee.

Rhea Wolfson, a Scottish Labour activist, has the support of the pro-Corbyn campaign group Momentum.

She is expected to replace the suspended Mr Livingstone and represent the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance, for the place on the party’s governing body.

Welcoming her NEC bid, Jon Lansman, chair of Momentum’s steering committee, said: “Rhea Wolfson is a very impressive young woman, committed to fighting for a more democratic party and a credible democratic socialist agenda.


“As a young, Jewish Scot, she will provide important perspectives that will improve the running of the Labour Party.”

A former president of Oxford University’s Jewish and Israel societies, and an ex-chair of the Zionist Youth Council, Ms Wolfson supported Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign last summer.

Announcing her NEC bid, she said: “Britain needs a Labour Party that can deliver a confident and credible democratic socialist agenda.

“An alternative to the inequality of conservatism and the inertia of nationalism – with fairness and equality at its heart.”

Mr Livingstone is ineligible to stand due to his current suspension from the party over his comments about Hitler and Zionism.

Rhea Wolfson Kikess

We have already dealt the hook-nosed beast some hefty blows, causing a borderline LOLCOW meltdown that has already led to many a laugh, although our work is not finished by any means.

Continue to spam the nasty parasite with Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone memes, and let her awake tomorrow morning with a virtual flood of messages posted on her Twitter account.


Don’t forget her sister, either, for she has jumped to Rhea’s defense in a way that is deserving of trolling in its own right.




Corbyn Nazi 2 Corbyn Nazi 3 Corbyn Nazi 4 Corbyn Nazi

And if you live in the States, I feel it would be suitable to mock the British speech laws that make it a criminal offense to criticize Moslems, Negroes, and killers of Christ, for there is nothing they can do to you other than suspend or censure your Twitter account.

Bonus points will of course go to the person who provokes Ms. Wolfson to either call for mass arrests, or to make expletive-filled fecal references, which we all know is a characteristic embedded within the very DNA of Jews the world over.

Most of all, have fun, and enjoy the free publicity that will surely come our way in the next few days.

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