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note – The filthy Jewish press tries to turn Black people against one of their most uncompromising and successful leaders. Why? Because he opposes brutal Hebrew occupation. Because he resists the Jewish enslavement of Africans. Because he tries to educate his Negroid race of the bloodthirsty Kike menace and their Yiddish tricks.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan praised Republican front-runner Donald Trump for refusing donations from Jewish groups.

Trump “is the only member who has stood in front of the Jewish community and said ‘I don’t want your money,’” Farrakhan said in a sermon he delivered this week. “Any time a man can say to those who control the politics of America, ‘I don’t want your money,’ that means you can’t control me. And they can’t afford to give up control of the presidents of the United States.”

Despite his commendation for the billionaire businessman, Farrakhan did not endorse him. “Not that I’m for Mr. Trump,” he added, “but I like what I’m looking at.”

Farrakhan also called Jews the Synagogue of Satan, according to the defacto US based Mossad intelligence and propaganda arm aka the Anti-Defamation League, which monitors so called “anti-Semitic statements”.


In December, Trump appeared before a crowd of leading Jewish Republicans and told them, “You’re not going to support me even though I’ll be the best guy for Israel.”

“I’m a negotiator like you folks,” he also said. “Is there anyone in this room who doesn’t negotiate deals? … Probably more than any room I’ve ever spoken.”

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Louis Farrakhan visits Chicago – Jews Run away leaving a trail of Feces behind them

Louis Farrakhan held a four-and-½ hour speech during the 2012 Saviours’ Day conference at the United Center Arena in Chicago on February 26. Jews cried like babies and defecated without control:

“Business is Warfare: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”

the jewish terrorist and intelligence gathering organization the adl reports 

“Rather than laugh him off the stage, tens of thousands of supporters cheered him on and encouraged his anti-Semitism and bigotry.  Not since Father Coughlin have we seen a religious figure so obsessed with anti-Semitism.  In the past few years Farrakhan has turned his message and the mission of the Nation of Islam into a wide-ranging campaign to demonize and scapegoat Jews.”

The criminal Jewish terrorist organization Anti-defamation League of B’nai B’rith has compiled a short summary of the statements of Louis Farrakhan that will most likely lead to a mass “soaping” of Jews, or possibly a mass “shrinkage” of Jew heads. Without a doubt Jews will at a bare minimum be “lamp-shaded” and cough to death from delousing liquid (Zyklon B):


On “Jewish Control” of the U.S. Government & President Obama

• “The government of America is owned lock stock and barrel by those Zionists that love Israel above the United States of America.”
• “The government of the United States has made an agreement with hell and a covenant with death. You have locked onto the Zionist control of your government, your media, and you’re afraid to stand up because if you do they’ll tell you, you won’t be re-elected.”
• “Listen good now, no matter what President Obama has said or done to show Israel his commitment, somehow or another he is failing on some aspect of what they desire him to do. He has invaded into every country the neocons have told him to. He went and got the stimulus plan to bail out Wall Street. There is nothing that he has not done for Israel but they are still not happy.”


On “Zionists” and Iran

• “I advise white and black America, Hispanic and Asian America, why would you send your children to die in a war engineered by Zionists who love Israel more than they love the United States of America?”
• “Don’t send these children to war for the sake of Israel.”


On Jews in the Entertainment Industry

• Do you know Jewish people were not the origin of Hollywood, but they took it over?”
• “In 100 years, they control movies, television, recording, publishing, commerce, radio, they own it all. Magazines. Why do you [Jews] want it all, everything?”


On Zionists and Islam

• “Some of these Zionists are trying to rewrite the Koran. You didn’t hear me! And they got some Muslims going along with it!”
• “Did you know that the Koran says that Jews are the most violent of people? I didn’t write it, but I’m living to see it.”


On Sudan 

• “Did you know that Israel provoked the war in the Sudan? For 20 years or more, the Sudan was in the civil war and it started because Israel wanted to create a war in southern and northern Sudan to divert Egypt to come to the defense of the Sudan to take pressure away from Egypt attacking Israel.”

– Louis Farrakhan

Jewish pedophile and child molesting interest group ADL – Louis Farrakhan’s Annual Address to Followers ‘Dripping with Anti-Semitism and Hatred’ 


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Farrakhan: ‘Lying, murderous Zionist Jews’ behind 9/11

ADL SLAMS Nation of Islam leader as a leading ‘anti-Semite’ after speech alleging terror attack was ‘false flag operation’

Farrakhan told members of a Chicago mosque during Febuarary 2015 that Israelis and “Zionist Jews” played key roles in perpetrating the 9/11 terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in New York in 2001.

Delivering the second part of a lecture entitled “The Intensifying, Universal Cry for Justice,” Farrakhan asserted that Jews perpetrated the deadly attacks in order to start a war between the West and the Muslim world and claimed that the attack and “the root of terrorism was not committed by Arabs or Muslims.”

“It is now becoming apparent that there were many Israelis and Zionist Jews in key roles in the 9/11 attacks,” the Nation of Islam leader told the audience.

“We know that an Israeli film crew dressed as Arabs were filming the Twin Towers before the first plane went in. In other words — Israelis had full knowledge of the attacks.”

“We’re dealing with thieves, and liars — and murderers,” Farrakhan said, eliciting vocal approval from the audience.


Farrakhan claimed that “many Jews received a text message not to go to work on September 11th. Who sent that message that kept them from showing up?” he asked rhetorically.

Farrakhan also alleged that “numerous” Israelis were arrested immediately after the attacks, but were later released and allowed to return to Israel.

Citing new “evidence,” Farrakhan said that the impact from the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center buildings would not have brought down the towers, and alleged that bombs were placed inside the buildings with full knowledge of the buildings’ Jewish owner, Larry Silverstein. He said that Silverstein was motivated to participate in the plot in order to collect billions of dollars in insurance money.

Farrakhan, who said that his opponents were trying to kill him, called on the US to conduct a new investigation into the claims.

“It now appears 9/11 was a false flag operation, which is an attack from one country but made to appear like an attack from another in order to start a war between them. Is this what friendship is?” Farrakhan concluded.

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