Jews are behind the downfall of western civilization

by alice friedmann

in the video above (7 Minutes) you will see how Jews are behind the downfall of western civilization, we the original people of the west, the European races will soon become a memory to the rest of the world. Because Jews decided that our existence is a threat to their empire. They started by corrupting our morals and values, then they used us enough to gain power over other races, and now they want to destroy us. It is their documented plan, they quoted and explained their plan to replace us racially and culturally with the overwhelming majority of this world, the people who hate us because Jews controlled our politics and army and bombed their countries. Is it fair that Europe falls? What humanity will be without Europeans? What would be the world today without the European man whether he lives in Europe, USA, Australia or Canada?

The answer is, when the European western civilization fells as Jews are trying to do right now, the entire humanity will be subjugated to Israel forever. Because Africans can never defeat Jewry, Asiatics, Arabs cannot. Only the western people can defeat Jewry if they wake up quickly.


Many ignorants support the Jewish plan to destroy the west, this is because they don’t know the final plan for our world. Jews can rule the world if and only if, the super powers of today become destroyed. And they will be destroyed either by a WW3, or by transforming them into 3rd world countries filled with millions of unskilled and illegal poor uneducated immigrants who will also make babies like them. It is the subversion of the western people that should take place and increase month after month, year after year in all domains, culturally, financially, educationally, racially, religiously.

In 1952, Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich said: “Our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.”


What do you think he is referring to? He is saying that when Jews will rule the world, only Jews will retain their European race, while the Europeans as a race will be abolished or become nonexistent as a powerful group, or “dark” as a product of race mixing.

The downfall of the west will come by transforming it to a 3rd world zone… You understand now the plan?


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Hatred is a soil on which nothing fruitful can grow, hatred is sterile; it may help to win wars but only wars waged from love of country can bring permanent blessing to a nation. Britons in the past have not been easily worked up to hate, but this insane hatred of two men, Mussolini and Hitler, is being instilled in them by the Jews and those who benefit by them, and acting like a poison in the life blood of our people.

     Germany is under a visible anti-Jewish dictatorship.  We are under an invisible Jewish dictatorship, but a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life, for no-one can escape from it.

 Already the Jews can make or break the career of any man as they please. Once war broke out we cannot doubt that they would be found in every key position and would hold us at their mercy. Then the real purpose of the world war will become apparent. As long as the Jews do not hold Germany they can never realise their final aim – world domination. Therefore Hitler must be overthrown and the Jewish power restored.


It is idle to say that this vast ambition has been falsely attributed to the Jewish race. The dream of a Messianic era when they shall rule the world runs all through their “sacred” writings. Thus in its article on the Messiah, the Jewish Encyclopaedia says:

“In the rabbinical apocalyptic literature the conception of an earthly Messiah is the prevailing one, and from the end of the first century of the common (i.e. Christian) era it is also the one officially adopted by Judaism. . .His mission is, in all essential respects, the same as the apocalypses of the older period; he is to free Israel from the power of the heathen world, kill its ruler and destroy its hosts, and set up his own kingdom of peace.”

The peace of death for all the Gentile world!

That this is still the plan of modern Judaism was confirmed to me in a conversation I once had with a young Jew who asked me for an interview. He said:

“I come to you to thank you for what you have written. Do not suppose I come as an anti-Semite since I am a Jew in the marrow of my bones. But in studying the question of Pan-Judaism I came across your books, and they explained to me much that I had never understood before.You are perfectly right in saying the Jews desire world domination, all my life I have heard them speak of it. And I am afraid, yes, I am afraid they will attain it. But that can be only for a moment.

The nations of the world will not be able to bear so intolerable a tyranny and they will rise, they will rise and there will be the greatest pogrom the world has ever seen. That is why I come to thank you, for in warning the world of this plan you may help to avert its execution and so save my people from the terrible fate that awaits them.”


Alice Friedmann comments –

This comment said by “Proud Israeli” is so revealing and reflects what Jewish supremacy stands for. It can explain the situation of today, especially how Jews rule the “Christian” west (Europe and America) “by consent” and how the “Muslim” world is resisting the consent way that was practiced on the Christians, which makes them target to be destroyed by “conquest” using the “Christian west” as tools; which means America and Europe. He confirms that the western people are already slaves to Jewry by consent such as accepting the brainwashing, political correctness and the white guilt. He is 100% right; all key sectors in the west today are run by Jews, western mainstream media, central banks, big corporations, entertainment Hollywood, Walt Disney and music industry, as well as politics…

He explains that the final goal of Israel and Jewry is to rule the world which means destroying all other powers such as America & European countries. He said one important thing about Germany defeat in WW2 and how the Germans were the last hope for the Christian western world


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Muslims who are destroying each other’s, leave a space for the Jewish state. This is obvious with the Shia-Sunni proxy war between the Takfiri ISIS who claims to represent the Sunni and his opponents belonging to the Shia sect such as Hezbollah and the Syrian regime of Assad. The Zionist world supports ISIS through its Zionist agents the Wahhabi rulers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are sponsoring the rise of “Takfirism” which is a version of twisted Islam that aims after all to destroy the Muslims from inside. ISIS receives the secret arming, training, support and finance from USA, Israel and their allies who claim on the media that they are fighting it. This is the perfect method to create infinite wars between Muslims (Shia-Sunni) and make them destroy each other’s like the Christians did in WW2 and WW1


The current boom of Internet and the exposition of all Jewish lies, power and manipulation in the west, is making Jewry panicking, that’s why they are working hard to restrict the freedoms of expression in the west and brainwash more western people about the victimhood of Jews and anti-Semitism; which is just a code-word to justify the imposition of new laws of “hate speech” that in fact are used only to protect all Jewish plans against the western White-Christian majority.

The reason of his comment is the release of the movie called “the greatest story never told” TGSNT. WATCH IT HERE…


It is the most important movie ever made to humanity, simply because it is a History revisionism that contradicts what we have been taught. The movie is constantly removed from YouTube, but often uploaded again.

Also below is an Amazing explanation from Hitler WHY Democracy is for the JEWS. He was mocking the democracy of the west, because it just a mask to give the Jews power to rule the country and decide everything.

Can Jews hide the truth forever? They can control TV, Radio, Newspapers, can they control Internet? No. Soon the truth will come. Hitler gave humanity the best system to be saved

Adolf Hitler’s Warning

Yesterday I posted about the the BIGGEST JEWISH LIE which is the Holocaust! ALL Jewish Survivors lied and still lying!! I also posted about the Jewish prince of England and the Jewish Royal family of England!! That’s why Jews closed my account!

THE ONLY HOLOCAUST IN WW2 WAS DONE ON THE GERMAN PEOPLE BY JEWS AND JEWISH POWERS !!!! and the Jew Winston Churchill and the Jewish communists !!!

This is a MUST WATCH Movie, Hellstorm, you will be VERY shocked

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