Huey Long – the man ‘they’ had to kill

Huey Long – the man ‘they’ had to kill

could donald trump possibly be our next huey long ? I hope so, if not, we’re really fucked.


To the One Who Should Have Been President . . . HUEY P. LONG One of the greatest tragedies for the American republic (and the world) was the assassination in 1935 of Louisiana’s populist titan, Huey P. Long.

His death put an end to the career of the one man in America who could have dramatically changed the course of history—and undoubtedly for the better. There’s no doubt that Long would have played a pivotal role in some fashion in the 1936 election and perhaps even denied Franklin Delano Roosevelt a second term in the White House.HueyLongLegendMeme

As a consequence, America would have been spared not only the gigantic growth of federal power and a super-spending welfare state, but it is a certainty the United States would never have been forced into what became the Second World War. It was not for nothing that FDR’s ambassador to Britain—Joseph P. Kennedy, founder of the Kennedy dynasty—referred to Roosevelt as “that son of a bitch that killed my son Joe,” speaking of his eldest son who died during that Hellish war that Kennedy’s friend, aviator and America First spokesman,CharlesA. Lindbergh,said quite correctly was the work of “the British,the Jews and the Roosevelt administration.”

Had Huey Long made it to the White House, if not in 1936, then almost certainly in 1940, we would have been spared involvement in World War II and Kennedy’s first born son might well have been the Kennedy who ultimately achieved the presidency in 1960. Under Huey Long—an ardent nationalist,an unquestioned advocate of America First—the United States would not, as John Quincy Adams said, go abroad seeking monsters to destroy.

You see, precisely because of his outspoken populist nationalism and his opposition to the powerful interests of Wall Street and its corresponding allies in the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe, Huey was indeed “The Man They Had to Kill.” It’s as simple as that. If Huey P. Long had ever achieved the presidency, he would have been responsible for serious“reform”—in the classic sense of the word—that would have made America (and the world) a very different place today.

A President Long would have broken up the giant plutocratic fortunes and dismantled the Federal Reserve money racket and set in place an economic system that would have prevented the rise of the giant media monopoly that played such a major part in the ruination of our nation and its place in the world. What a damned shame we were denied the opportunity to have this man actually be able to put in force the ideas that he laid forth in his own posthumously published work MY FIRST DAYS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. America needs another Huey Long—before it’s too late. —MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER


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if hitler had won ww2 – most likely would have if huey would have been president of us

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