Shut Down 2016: Facebook Shuts Down Anti-Reptile Activist David Icke, Backtracks

by Andrew Anglin from the Daily Stormer
February 17, 2016
the message here – conform to the communist jew world order or get deleted from our jewbook goy…


For decades, David Icke has been the only man willing to stand up and talk about the fact that reality is an illusion and our thoughts and emotions are controlled by reptile people (Jews).

As the Great Shutdown of 2016 continues to roll out and roll over the enemies of political correctness, prominent British anti-reptile activist David Icke has posted a screenshot of a censorship attack on his Facebook page, which has 700,000 “likes.”


He wrote the following on his own website:

Facebook informed us that the David Icke page was being unpublished for repeatedly breaking its terms – making posts that its censors didn’t want people to see.

Access to post on the page was blocked for everyone – including myself and Richie Allen posting the guest line-up of his show – but one person’s codes still worked which allowed me to post news of what was happening.

The page remained up despite the notice, but some say that people are given seven day’s notice before Facebook unpublish – something we have not been given. We could confirm what is happening if it was possible to talk with the Facebook censors, but as so many have found before they do not do communication.

Anyway, after news of the unpublishing widely circulated on the Internet and social media all the access codes for everyone are suddenly working again so what has happened overnight who the heck knows? Facebook does, but they’re not saying.


So, it sounds like they attempted to boot-up the shut down process, then backed off.

Why David Icke?

Well, he is probably pretty politically incorrect. I think he’s even denied the Holocaust before, then backtracked on that.

The Daily Stormer does not have a Facebook page, so presumably they are testing out their shut down methods on other people they assume everyone hates. David Icke maybe or maybe does not believe in reptile people, but probably either way they are a metaphor for the Jews.


David Icke was also right about the UK government being involved in all these pedophile scandals, so he isn’t a complete joke even if he does believe the moon is a hollow orb that is used as a broadcasting center for aliens.

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