What Putin Can Teach Trump

By the one and only Brother Nathanael Kapner

below is a written transcript of the video message above – 

Putin’s got a message that has no rival.

Like Trump, he wants to make Russia “great again,” but with a whole new twist.

He’s reviving the concept of “Symphony of Church and State” and this makes International Jewry very nervous.


[Clip: “The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has given President Putin an award for his policies intending to make Russia a leading world power.”]

The watershed event marking the “Symphony” occurred in November 2014 on “National Unity Day” at a Moscow exhibition titled, “Orthodox Russia.”

Lots of symbolism here.

It was a chance for Putin to ‘exhibit’ his agreement with the “Orthodox” definition of Russia.

He’s a believer.


[Clip of Russian Orthodox Church leaders talking: “It means a lot to everyone here today to have this opportunity to meet with you, the President of the Russian Federation and an Orthodox believer. We are happy that you could be together with us today to celebrate the memory of the holy and upright St Sergius of Radonezh.”

“We live in difficult times, sadly. Be it on the international stage or in our spiritual and moral lives, there are many, many problems that we must overcome. But we can succeed in this only if we follow the ideas that St Sergius of Radonezh formulated.”]


On the ‘international’ stage it’s the problem of “sanctions” that Russia is overcoming.

Figureheads of International Jewry at US Treasury: Jacob Lew, Adam Szubin, and David Cohen (now deputy director of the CIA) are beating on a stubborn Russian bear that won’t run from anyone…especially sanction-happy Jews.

Economics 101 kicks in and Putin’s a gutsy teacher.

[Clip: “From the start we have been saying that the policy of sanctions and isolation in general is ineffective in the modern world and does not usually reach its goals. This is practically impossible regarding a country like Russia. It is enough to simply look at its geographical map.”]

The only map Jacob Lew looks at is the map of Israel.

Not Putin. He wants what’s good for Russia not what’s good for the Jews.


[Clip of Putin talking: “I believe we should set a national goal — fully provide the internal market with domestically produced foods by 2020. We are capable of feeding ourselves from our own land, and importantly, we have the water resources. Russia can become one of the world’s largest suppliers of healthy, ecologically clean quality foods that some Western companies have stopped producing long ago, all the more so since global demand for such products continues to grow.”]

That means no GMO’s in Russia which Putin is stamping out.

And here’s the lesson for Trump: Putin’s defying the Jew World Order.

He threw out the Jewish oligarchs, his central bank is NOT tied to the Rothschilds, and good health comes before big business.

Let Trump begin by throwing out AIPAC operative Michael Glassner as his “National Political Director” and America can play catch up to Vladimir Putin.

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