“The advent of the rise of Adolf Hitler in Europe, challenging the Rothschilds and International Jewish Finance,set the stage for what became World War II, and in the United States there emerged Franklin Delano Roosevelt who worked relentlessly to bring the United States into war against Germany.Suffice it to say,FDR’s role in that tragedy has been the subject of numerous formidable works by such eminent revisionist historians as Harry Elmer Barnes, Charles Beard, Charles Callan Tansill and others. No honest student of that era can help but conclude that World War II was a war America need not and should not have fought.And that it was a war that did not bring “good” to the planet or to America. Instead, it laid the groundwork for future wars and set in place a post-war framework upon which the drive for a New World Order was advanced to a greater degree than ever before “– the late michael collins piper – ‘The New Babylon – Those who reign supreme’ pp 176

By alice friedmann

Alice is routinely censored on Facebook – a more appropriate name of the social media giant would be – ‘Jewbook’.

1. The Federal Reserve and all usurious banking would be halted immediately and replaced by debt-free currency backed by the hard work of the American man – not Gold

2. Hollywood would be shut down and replaced by patriotic Americans who cared deeply about our history, our people and the upholding of high moral standards.

3. Jews would be banned by law from working in many sectors, their Jewish identity should be shown when applying for Jobs, or they might be rounded up and deported to a homeland of their own where they would be isolated by the force of the US Military.

4. Israel would not have existed in 2016, simply because Israel power does not come from Israel, but from the Jewish lobbies ruling the western world. Israel would have been destroyed long time ago by the Arabs.

5. Education on the Jewish question would become mandatory and perpetual in the understanding that they must never, at any time in the future, be allowed to subvert the Western world again.


6. Capitalism & Communism destroyed, no oligarchs anymore, the government will take care of citizens from birth to death, free Universities, free health care… Bund Deutscher Mädel and Hitlerjugend will be implemented to educate youth on the love of nation, family, nature, sports…

7. The promotion of any and all kinds of perversions and degeneracy would be treated as an attack on the family thus an attack at the very foundation of civilization and the nation itself and as such would be ruthlessly crushed and suppressed. The blasphemy on Christianity & Islam would be banned by law.

8. Racial tensions, and Multiculturalism done only on European-ethnic majority countries would have been abolished, and by that the European race living all over the western world & USA would have been protected from the planned extinction by the Jewish-made miscegenation propaganda, homosexual propaganda, feminist propaganda

9. Democracy would be replaced with Meritocracy: Leaders would be chosen based on ability rather than on who could get the most campaign donations given by Jewish-run Banks, corporations & organizations.

10. The border to Mexico would be sealed. It would be announced that any illegal caught crossing the border would be shot. Poverty in the world is a cumulative problem that needs decades if not a century to be solved, it will never be solved by economic & illegal immigration which is a Jewish weapon to destroy the western people power to resist the Jew World Order


11. Arabs & Africans would become much more rich and happy because
American Jewish-Rothschild-Zionist interventions, wars and corruptions would have been abolished forever

12. EU Union, TPP, TTIP, NATO, UN and all Jewish made unions and globalization for the world government would have not existed

13. Africa would become free from American Jewish-run multinational corporations of oil & natural resources who used to corrupt African leaders

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