that’s it, iv’e had it..time to name the zionist sellouts highjacking “alternative media”

zionistalternativemedia2The men you see above, Mark Dice,Jesse Ventura and Clyde Lewis are all occupying “conspiracy shows” giving a tainted point of view for the Zionist Jew hand that supplies their paycheck and keeps food in their bellies. But there are many more Zionist disinfo hacks not shown in the photo. One particularly is John B.Wells, a former host for the corporately owned radio show, Coast to Coast, whose owned by Premiere in which then distributes Coast to Coast for its own parent company Clear Channel Communications. (Ah don’t you love how the Illuminati operate with their endless interlocking cartels and organizations) 

Clear Channel has a long and well-known history of censorship and extreme retaliation for those who do not abide by the corporate line. But apparently even Wells the Zionist hack he is, was let go from Coast to Coast…But never the less, Wells continues to service the Zionist corporate hand under a new banner and disguise operating as (The Caravan to MidNight) A catchy name I must say, but don’t be fooled. The man panders like a little school-girl to his Zionist Jew corporate handlers…It’s quite pathetic..While at the same time very shameless. We have endless photos of dead Palestinian men,women and children who were bombed shitless by US tax-payer funded weaponry provided by the Zionist controlled US government which acts as a total sockpuppet for the Rothschild Zionist Jew Banking cartel. Yet Wells apparently doesn’t want to talk about this because that would mean biting that hand that feeds him.


Above,me calling out John B Wells for the zionist fraud he is.

Hey John, just because you have a deep voice doesn’t mean you re God and know it all, your arrogance is very ignorant. Because the two go together. You protect the degenerate Illuminati Jewish Banking Cartel that prints our money for the price of the paper while lending it with massive interest to us , you’ll never expose the Rothschild’s and their freemason cronies. WHY ?! Because you are a lightweight. You’re a two-bit grade B radio host who panders like a little bitch for your corporate Jewish masters. You’re as bad as fuck you

Also let’s not forget former employee of Zionist Jew corporate media mogul Rupert Murdoch/s TRU-Tv – Jesse the Zionist Fraud Ventura a guy who writes a book about JFK’s assassination, and doesn’t mention anywhere in it the Mossad connection or the fact JFK vehemently forbade Israel to continue it’s nuclear weapons program for not agreeing to inspections. That’s because Ventura is another system server, never daring to go to far and bite the corporate Jew hand that feeds him and puts the food in his belly everyday. On a sidenote- take a look at the video directly below of Jesse Venutra purposely trying to discredit David Icke – Is this because David Icke has the balls to expose Rothschild Zionism ?

VENTURAmeme1Moving onto Clyde Lewis – all one has to do is listen to me call his radio show and lose it on me for exposing his Zionist agenda – Also – what about this A young Alex Jones ranting angrily how the “Jews” deserve Israel and how it was and always will be “their” land.. Sorry Alex, but that is not the case. I myself would love to ask Jones about this, perhaps he has changed his mind. But this video needs to be brought up again, because he is flat out wrong here. Israel is simply a instrument masquerading as a “homeland” for Jews, while in reality the intstrument (Israel) has carefully been used and manipulated by the Illuminati Jewish (Rothschild) Central Banking cartel to keep the middle-east backwards, destroy all competent moderate Arab nation states and to essentially,subjugate consolidate all of the entire middle-east.


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